Favourite Riding Routes

Favourite Riding Routes

Welcome to IMFIT's favourite rides! This page is meant to be used as a resource for cyclists and triathletes looking for a new route in the GTA. Utilizing online software based on the Google Maps platform, you can map out your route, know where you're going and how long it's going to be before you ever head out the door.

If you have a route of your own that you'd like to share, head on over to gmap-pedometer.com , plan your route, save it as a URL and email me the link with a breif description, and I'll be sure to post if for all to use.

" The Glen to Belfountain " - A nice, hilly route starting at the Sobey's in Acton, heading out through Glen Williams, up around Belfountain and back down to Acton. A little warning, this ride is not for the faint of heart, you will encounter some dirt roads on your journey! There is an awesome little bakery/cafe in Belfountain if you need to refuel before the ride back to town. Make sure you start by heading west on hwy 7 to 4th line.

" The Glen-the short way " - A nice, relatively easy sub-40km route from Acton, through the Glen and back again. A bit of dirt road (hard to avoid up here) and a couple of nice climbs. Start by heading west on hwy 7 to 4th line.

" Eden Mills " - Another great little hamlet that time has forgotten. Make sure that you head south on 6th line from 25 sideroad to 20 sideroad on the way out. It's a much nicer ride that way.

" Acton-Arkell-Eden Mills " The long way to Eden Mills, via Arkell, and a great little climb up Watson Parkway. Watch for horses on the trail on your right as you are attacking the climb. Arkell has a great little General Store/Bistro if you need to fuel up for the return ride.

" Acton-Inglewood-Belfountain-Eden Mills-Arkel-Acton " A metric Century Ride, leaving from the Sobey's in Acton, heading west out Hwy 7. A very scenic country ride, visiting some of the great historic villages of Halton Hills and Caledon. Plenty of places to stop and fuel up, but be warned...dirt roads exist on this one.

" Acton to Campbleville, the Long Way " Another metric Century Ride, leaving Acton and heading south into the north part of Oakville and Burlington before coming back via Campbleville the back way.

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